“Dr. Chaney has an engaging and entertaining way of exposing scientifically inaccurate information with meticulously documented research.  His listing of the popular diets with the pros and cons of each is of immediate practical use.  This book is a keeper!”

Nedra Sahr, C.N.S., nutritionist and author of The Fresh Start Cleansing Program


“I’ve spent the last 11 years working with over 36,000 health and fitness experts around the world in 96 countries. I know the best of the best. And Dr. Chaney is world class expert when it comes to leading scientific research on health and nutrition today. He personally ‘walks the walk’ and knows the challenges each of us go through in connecting scientific research to the real world when it comes to the foods we eat. His passion on nutritional health shines through in his writing and commitment to share his knowledge and wisdom with others.

‘Slaying the Food Myths’ is a fantastic book for anyone looking for just the right balance of cutting edge scientific research with practical day-to-day advice for those committed to optimal health. Keep this book in your home and share it with your loved ones. It will not only assist you in solving health challenges, but you’ll find answers to common questions the traditional news media seems to get wrong each week when it comes to nutrition, supplementation, and our health. If you’re confused by the myths and hype out there… look no further than this book to lay out the facts and truth for living optimal health.”

Sean Greeley, CEO, NPE, 8 times Inc 500/5000 Global Fitness Business Coaching Company

“I have read a lot of these types of books, and this book is really good. It is well written and information backed. It does not have an agenda (i.e. anti-gluten or pro-vitamins). Also, the reading level is perfect. I am going to keep a copy in my office so that I can use it as a reference. I think this book has great content for the dieticians and pharmacy students at the University of Mississippi.”

Dr. David Colby, Pharm D, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Director of Academic Affairs, and Research Associate Professor of the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Mississippi

“With his new book, in a concise and entertaining way, but with rigorously documented research, Dr Chaney guides the reader through the labyrinth of myths and maze of spurious research pertaining to the field of nutrition. This book is the perfect companion for anyone looking for answers and healthy choices regarding their daily food consumption.”

Dr. Pierre-Yves Dubois, DC, Trained as a Chiropractic Physician in Switzerland; America’s Top Chiropractor in 2009; Advisory Board Member of Health Network Solutions NC in 2012.


“Once again, our favorite professor is cutting through the confusion and setting the record straight … with science no less!   He walks us through what the ‘studies’ really show … and help save us from falling prey to clever marketing ads and articles.”

Barbara Lagoni, BS in Food Science and Nutrition, Cornell University

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